Vendor Management for Operations Personnel

As companies have focused on finding and improving their “core competencies”, more and more activities deemed “non-core” have been outsourced to third party vendors. While this is often a smart business decision, if not approached and implemented carefully, this approach can bring difficulties and lead to failure.

This course gives operations personnel and managers solid tools and techniques for ensuring that what is promised is what the company actually needs and that vendors actually deliver what is promised. We look at the role of purchasing and contracts professionals in building and controlling these most critical relationships.


In this course, you will: 

  • Learn key considerations of the “make or buy” decision and understand some of the benefits of keeping non-core capabilities in-house.
  • Understand the role and benefit of building a solid working relationship with internal purchasing and contracts personnel.
  • Understand why up-front planning is critical to a successful outsourcing and learn key issues involved in planning for outsourcing efforts.
  • Be able to intelligently discuss key outsourcing contract clauses and why they are important to the vendor relationship. 
  • Practice writing specifications and statements of work that are measurable, manageable, and work to reduce problems in the delivery.