The Systems Development Lifecycle

Every new product, every system change, every new idea, virtually every action we take goes through certain identifiable steps. We call these steps the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Understanding this natural process is critical to managing, selling and buying today’s complex systems and development services.

This course takes an in depth look at the SDLC and teaches students the importance of this process to the project management, finance and procurement functions. Through directed discussion and the use of case studies; students learn practical ways to improve project, contract and vendor performance.

You will: 

  • Understand the steps in the systems development lifecycle.
  • Learn ways to build structure and discipline into any system, software or product development project.
  • Be able to apply the SDLC to planning virtually any type of development effort.
  • Be able to identify key deliverables from each step of the lifecycle.
  • Become familiar with key contract issues involved with purchasing systems and system development services.
  • Learn how to better manage vendors and working on critical projects.