Value Based Supply Chain Management

Quality, quantity, time and cost are influential parameters in an effective supply chain management. This training provides the elements that must exists for a successful supply chain management thus bringing in substantial benefits to the business as a whole, both on the buy side and sell side.


  • Efficient & effective organizational design to drive bottom-line results

  • Improved utilization of resources

  • Provide evidence that resource matches workload

  • Manage performance to secure high output from the staff

  • Provide effective & tested problem solving & decision making tools to all staff

  • Reduction of costs

  • Improve key supplier relationship

  • Improve customer relationship

  • Make yourself the supplier of choice

  • Unearth opportunities for growth


  • Designing governance for supply chain

  • Resource analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Performance management

  • Problem solving & decision making

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Identification of critical cost in supply chain

  • Measuring cost in supply chain

  • Defining cost drivers in supply chain

  • Managing cost in supply chain

  • Implementing an action plan