Management Tips From Tots

Whether we like it or not, people really are one of the primary keys to the success or failure of any business, project or product line. Based on the on-line article of the same name, this class provides managers and supervisors with key people management skills; offering practical tips for managing guiding your team to successfully complete their work and improve their skills and chances for advancement.

The course focuses on ten key truths about managing people:

  • Make them think for themselves. They can't grow unless you do

  • Let them make's part of growing up human 

  • Give them regular and honest evaluation of their performance. And recognize their achievements - enthusiasm withers and dies without it

  • Don't tolerate intentional misconduct. Ignoring it only makes it worse 

  • Sharing is a good thing. Kids who share with others get along better 

  • Make work fun...and everyone will want to do it

  • Track their progress. It keeps them focused on the objective(s) 

  • New things are scary...even when you're prepared for them

  • Kids need rest. When they don't get it, they're cranky and unmanageable

  • Family is important. Give them time (and opportunities) to enjoy theirs

Benefits you will gain by attending this seminar:

  • Learn how to get your employees to think for themselves

  • Learn how to distinguish between honest mistakes and maliscious behavior. You'll learn how know how to deal with each quickly and effectively. Practice using subordinates' mistakes to improve performance and learn techniques to stop destructive behaviors dead in their tracks

  • Practice providing objective, honest feedback, and learn techniques for delivering "bad news" to superiors and subordinates

  • Identify and open critical lines of communication with people who work for you and with the people you work for

  • Improve morale by reducing the negative impacts of change and helping employees avoid burnout

  • Learn tools for getting your team to work together, share information and help each other improve performance

  • Understand the importance of rest and time off. Discuss effective techniques for getting your people to take (and relax while on) vacation