Establishing a Contract Management Organization

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn techniques for instilling a culture of continuous improvement into your contracting / contract management organizations

  • Identify opportunities for improvement within a contracting organization

  • Learn techniques for implementing effective, common-sense contracting and contract management processes

  • Acquire skills necessary to streamline your procurement operations

  • Learn how to build meaningful performance measurements into your contracts

  • Manage your contracts instead of being managed by them

  • Enhance your understanding of competitive position

  • Improve contract (and your contractors') performance

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Contract due diligence and contract management

  • Measuring contract management process maturity: a tool for enhancing the value chain

  • Addressing contractor requests and issues as a risk mitigation technique

  • Methods for conducting quality inspections, assessments, evaluations, etc. of contracts

  • Contracting strategies to transform requirements into contractual reality

  • Developing compliance audits to ensure the contract is delivering as per the objective

  • World-class practices in contract administration

  • Methods for ensuring compliance with contractual terms and conditions throughout the contract lifecycle

  • Pro-active change management

  • Establishing a Contract Management Office (CMO) and intelligent customer capabilities

  • Relationship management and negotiating for contracting excellence

  • Contract performance management

  • Negotiation strategies and tactics that generate commercial value

  • Innovations in contract negotiation techniques and tools

  • Managing disputes to successful resolution

  • Strategies for success in monitoring, measuring and managing risk in contracting

  • Techniques in measuring contract ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Developing KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and balanced scorecards for contracting effectiveness