Successful Negotiation Is A Process

A successful procurement process reflects the depth and scope of learning that your sourcing professionals can apply to save your enterprise hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars in sourcing, procurement and purchasing. This course brings to your organization two days of concentrated, hands-on learning that touches every phase of the sourcing process.


  • Identify your supply chain's strengths - and how to avoid being the weakest link
  • Align your sourcing strategies with your key business objectives
  • Understand and apply the techniques of performance-based contracting
  • Develop powerful negotiating skills that let you control the deal
  • Pursue procurement opportunities as a "team sport"


  • Defining the Problem
  • The Strategic Sourcing Process in Action
  • Hooks, Lines and Sinkers
  • Preparing for the Sourcing Project
  • Exploring for Sourcing Options
  • Analyzing the Sourcing Opportunity
  • Negotiations Based Upon Sourcing Objectives
  • Selecting the Optimal Sourcing Solution
  • Managing the Supplier Relationship