Negotiation Clinic - Knowing When To Negotiate

 While many negotiation courses address the topic in a general light, CMI Daily's Negotiation Clinic is specifically focused upon the supplier-customer negotiation interface. You will learn how to become an effective negotiator in the context of a sourcing process — you will realize that negotiation is not merely an event, but rather an inter-related phase in a larger process. When should you negotiate? How can you best prepare for negotiation with suppliers? Why are internal negotiations with stakeholders sometimes tougher than negotiating with suppliers? These are just some of the easier questions we will address in this interactive session. 


  • Understand the impact of power curves in negotiation
  • Realize the importance of negotiating before selection
  • Develop effective negotiation strategies
  • Assign effective roles to negotiation team members
  • Learn effective negotiation tips and techniques


  • Defining the Problem
  • Negotiation Based Upon Sourcing Objectives
  • Selecting the Optimal Sourcing Solution
  • Integrating the Negotiation Sub-Process Into the Sourcing Process
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Mindset Modifiers
  • Hooks, Lines and Sinkers