Contracts Clinic - The Science of Deal Documentation

Both parties to any supplier-customer relationship would argue that they want a fair and good deal. But what is a fair contract? A good contract? This hands-on session will explore what is needed for a good and fair contract, as well as the key components to a sourcing agreement. Get exposed to some of the important do's and don'ts in supply management contracting. Explore proven and innovative contracting strategies. Learn the value of having a contract that can be managed, and ensure your contracts reflect what you have negotiated.


  • Align sourcing objectives with contractual terms
  • Understand key contractual provisions
  • Ensure your contracts can be managed
  • Establish firm commitments to time, money and quality
  • Know when to use remedies


  • Defining the Problem
  • Understanding the Contract Issues Relevant to Strategic Sourcing
  • An Overview of Contract Types
  • Ten Key Contract Provisions
  • Advanced Strategic Sourcing Contracting Issues
  • Hooks, Lines and Sinkers