RFP Clinic: The Sciene of Deal Definition

It is commonly understood that "you only get what you ask for." Learn what to ask for in this clinic that delves into the intricacies of an effective RFP. RFI's and RFQ's will also be examined, and the inter-relationship between these sourcing tools will be addressed. But the scope is even broader — sourcing agreements will be explored as a key component of the RFP package, as well as proposal evaluation tools and preliminary negotiation strategies. How do you optimize an RFP as a leveraging tool? How can bidders conferences improve your negotiation effectiveness? Explore these questions and more.


  • Define your deals clearly
  • Promote competition for your sourcing dollar
  • Align your sourcing needs and preference to supplier capabilities
  • Improve your negotiation position
  • Understand the value of bidders conferences


  • Defining the Problem
  • Describing the Sourcing Objectives First
  • Including Contracts as Part of the RFP Package
  • Conducting World Class Bidders Conferences
  • Effective Proposal Evaluation Tools and Techniques
  • Hooks, Lines and Sinkers