Set The Right Direction For Your Sourcing Efforts

As with any journey, the first step is perhaps the most important. Learn in this interactive clinic how crucial a sound strategy is to your sourcing success. This interactive session will expose attendees to a variety of category and sourcing strategy development techniques that work. When does a sourcing team need a category strategy and/or a sourcing strategy? Who should be involved in developing these strategies? How can you ensure continuous alignment between business strategies and sourcing decisions? Find out the answers to these questions and more.


  • Achieve efficiencies in sourcing
  • Optimize savings
  • Establish greater focus for supply management
  • Get your sourcing process on the right track
  • Gain control of the timing for your sourcing projects


  • Defining the Problem
  • Preparing for the Sourcing Project
  • Exploring for Sourcing Options
  • Populating the Sourcing Toolbox
  • Hooks, Lines and Sinkers