Defining The Customer / Vendor Relationship

Designed for procurement and management professionals and drawing on years of “in practice” experience, this course will teach you how to develop objective, enforceable contract clauses that reinforce (and help enforce) the solid, professional behavior in all those “you-can't-put-that-in-a-contract” areas of the vendor relationship.


Customer / Vendor Dynamics

In this session, we look at the dynamics of the customer / vendor relationship and the interplay of objective and subjective elements on both sides of the contractual relationship.

5 Key Relationship Tools

Narrowing our focus, this session identifies five key tools that are critical to every effective contract and that are especially critical to building and maintaining solid, professional relationships in all those “difficult-to-define, impossible-to-measure” areas of the contract.

Defining the Undefinable

This session begins an in-depth look at specific “subjective” relationship elements and discusses how to contractually define these requirements so they not only motivate “good behavior” in your vendors, but so they also provide enforceable contract tools that correct “bad behavior”.

Measuring the Unmeasurable

Building on session 3's work, we discuss ways to develop objective, enforceable measures for “subjective” relationship requirements as well as techniques for incorporating enforceable subjective measures into the contract.

Customer Responsibilities in the Relationship

Closing out the course, we look at the customer's role and specific responsibilities in building an effective, professional customer / vendor relationship.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn to develop legally enforcable specifications for defining intangible, non-technical parts of a contractual relationship.
  • Understand customer responsibilities in a customer / vendor relationship.
  • Know the dynamics in every relationship and learn how to use those to build better vendor / customer relationships.
  • Learn five key tools that are critical to every effective contract.
  • Understand the principles of measuring intangible contract requirements and learn how to develop effective contract Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics.