Writing Effective Specifications & Work Descriptions

Seminar Description:

The description of work (sometimes called "Statement Of Work", "SOW" or "Specification") is arguably the most important document in a performance/delivery contract. This course looks at this critical document from the standpoint of the people making most use of them - the delivery team. We identify, discuss real-life, "get-the-job-done" operational issues and provide effective tips and techniques for avoiding problems after a contract is signed or as the work is being done.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Give bidders information they need to deliver what you want.
  • Stop internal squabbles that let vendors avoid delivering what you want.
  • Identify & eliminate "weasel words" that cost you time, money & aggravation.
  • Eliminate the “not-my-job” finger pointing among vendors that always ends up costing you money.
  • Get regular, reliable performance information critical to effective vendor management.
  • Define meaningful, measurable, non-contradictory deliverables.
  • Define, measure and control work quality.