Is It Time To Call In The Support Team?

Success is a strategy.

With CMI Daily on your team, successful strategic sourcing is assured. Making deals requires special skills and knowledge. CMI Daily consulting services provides the unique negotiation expertise and market knowledge that will add depth to your supply management team. By utilizing the CMI Daily process, our clients have realized millions of dollars in cost savings. We have senior level sourcing professionals that bring in-depth experience in negotiation, contract management, as well as contract law, that assist and guide our clients through every step of strategic sourcing negotiations.

Knowledge is power. Whether our clients require simple contract reviews or long-term tactical support, CMI Daily offers a program that gives them the peace of mind of negotiating from strength.

Consulting Services

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Contract management
  • Contract law
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Cloud contracts
  • Outsourcing
  • Software agreements
  • Services agreements
  • Assessment tools

Coaching for all levels of your team and can customized to fit your needs

  • Purchase planning and negotiations
  • Procurement, management and operational process improvements
  • Project, procurement and product turn-arounds
  • Planning, managing and executing IT and high-tech product development and procurement effort
  • Authoring contracts, specifications, SOW's and operational processes
  • Saving failing projects / procurements and repairing damaged customer relationships
  • Bringing order out of chaos

Develop processes to improve your bottom line

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